Let's Ask Maggie!: Help! I Need A Last Minute Halloween Costume!

Dear Maggie,

Halloween snuck up on me this year--probably because the weather has been unseasonably warm--and I have zero ideas about what I want to be this year. Any easy, cheap ideas? What are you going as?

Susan, Manhattan

Dear Susan,

I feel your pain! Halloween came SO fast!  Over the weekend I gave myself the challenge of wearing the same jumpsuit for 7 days and styling it differently for each day--without realizing one of those 7 days would be Halloween. That limited my costume options so I'm going as a Cat Burglar. This year's costume consists of black jumpsuit, black and white horizontally striped shirt over jumpsuit, and a cat mask. All things came straight out of my closet and I look real cute.

As for what you should dress up as? The ideas are endless--according to Pinterest at least. I sussed out the best of the ideas in a board for you titled, "Last Minute Halloween Costumes". This board has suggestions for everyone--not just women. 

My dear readers let us know what you dress up as using #LetsAskMaggie on Instagram and Twitter. I would love to see what you guys are wearing! Or if you have any ideas for Susan you'd like to share sound off in the comments below!

And as always drop us a line or a tweet if you'd like for your fashion question to be answered!

Lots of love,


(You can follow the jumpsuit journey on instagram @maggieduckworthstyle)

Let's Ask Maggie!: The First Anniversary Edition Part Deux

Dear Maggie,

This question may not be fitting because it's hair, but I wanted to at least try... I recently turned 30 and for most of my 20's I had long (way longer than shoulder-length) hair. Now that I am 30, I am feeling that my hair is way too long for my age. What do you think? Is there an age when long hair starts to look immature? Any recommendations/strategies/best practices for long-haired 30+ aged people?

Congrats on Let's Ask Maggie's first anniversary! Hooray!

Jenna W., Nashville, TN

Dear Jenna,

Thank you for your well wishes and for your question! I will be honest: I don't think hair length and age matter. I feel like we all go through phases and maybe you're having an "I need a new look" phase, but I don't think long hair has an expiration date. To prove my point I've made a Pinterest board of women older than 30 winning the longhair game. 

It was funny, the day I read your email I was speaking with a dear friend about not feeling like an adult. My friend shared, "Now that I'm 38, I feel like I still dress like a child. I don't feel like an adult compared to other New Yorkers. You know--I think I need a new hairstyle. Nothing drastic but just a different cut. That'll make me feel better." So, you're not the only one on the prowl for a new look. I took the time to make a Pinterest board focused on the hairstyle trends for Autumn 2017 for some inspiration. Whatever you decide know that hair is just hair--if you choose a new look and hate it--your hair will grow back! Have some fun with your look! 

What do you, dear readers think? Is there a time where you felt like you need to cut your long locks for a polished bob? Let us know!

With love,


Let's Ask Maggie!: The First Anniversary Edition Part 1

My dearest readers,

Thank you for such a successful first year! So many wonderful things have come along in the last 12 months. I've read each of your questions and hope to answer all of them over the coming months. I had to pull back from writing weekly because--things were blowing up over here: wardrobe edits, wedding dress consultations, personal styling appointments, editorial shoots, Sharon + Jerome launched (just two dinosaurs trying to live their truth in NYC), I wrote an article for Honeysuckle Magazine, and coming soon to a domain near you I'll be launching an annual zine that will serve as a love letter to fashion, music, art, and literature. If you would like to contribute to this zine submissions are open until October 1, 2017. For more information email me here

Last year's very first Let's Ask Maggie! was a question about red lipstick written in by Katherine of Astoria, Queens. I reached out to Katherine to ask her if she had any updates or anything she would like to add in honor of this historic occasion. Katherine's response, "So exciting! I would like to say that your lipstick answer helped me out and I used your advice today to compliment a cooler red outfit. Also, I feel really powerful when I wear red lipstick. Thanks for asking and congrats on your anniversary!" Thanks, Katherine! I'm so glad I was able to help you! and I LOVE that you're able to feel powerful while wearing red: CRUSH IT WOMAN!

So, that's what's been going on around here the last year. What about you guys? What have you been up to? How has Let's Ask Maggie! helped you out? What would you like to see done differently? I'm open to suggestions. Sound off below!

Tomorrow I'll be back with the latest Let's Ask Maggie! 

With (lots of) love,


Let's Ask Maggie!: Penny Loafers, No Socks? WHY?!

Dear Maggie,

Shouldn't men wear f-ing socks? All these guys this summer are wearing skinny dress pants and penny loafers with no socks. Can this possibly be fashion? The man sitting next to me is wearing a pink shirt, navy khakis, a Cordovan belt that matches his Cordovan loafers AND NO SOCKS. He planned this outfit! What gives?

CW, Brooklyn, NY

Dear CW,

I like the passion in your question! The sockless penny loafer has been going strong at different fashionable points since at least the 1960's. Sounds like the man sitting next to you is CRUSHING this style. Personally, when I saw the trend coming round again,  I assumed it was a throwback to some dudes dad's coke fueled days in finance in the 80's. Since that assumption is 99% incorrect I did a little more digging. Penny loafers are traditionally a casual summer shoe. If worn during the day with khakis, like your example above, the shoes are worn without socks. If they were worn with socks it would be like wearing a pair of socks with Birkenstocks--not cool.

So, babe, I'm sorry to deliver the bad news: this is a classic, totally acceptable, fashionable men's trend that will probably last until the end of time. (I won't lie; I'm into it)

I also made a Pinterest board, titled: Men in Penny Loafers No Socks. The dudes are so handsome in these pins that I almost felt like I was creating a fetish board. So, readers, if that's your thing: you're welcome!

How do you guys feel about the no socks and penny loafers? Yay or Nay? Sound off in the comments below! And as always drop us a line or a tweet if you'd like for your fashion question to be answered!

With love,


Let's Ask Maggie! Special Edition: Help! What do I wear to a Covfefe?!

Dear Maggie,

Earlier this week a little bird sent me the most coveted of all invitations: an invite to THE Covfefe. I've never been before--WHAT DO I WEAR?! 


Sheila, New York, NY

Dear Sheila,

CONGRATULATIONS! Trust me, a Covfefe invite is hotter than a bathroom full of smoking celebrities at The Met! 

I've done a bit of extensive research on the topic (not that I'm still awaiting my *ahem* invitation).

For this event of all events I see a floor length gown with lots of texture: velvets, furs, satins; with deep, royal colors: purples, blues. To give you a better idea I've made a Pinterest board for some inspiration. 

Has anyone else attended a Covfefe? What did you wear? Any tips you'd like to share? Sound off in the comments below!

Oh, and one more bit of advice: make sure to steer clear of all things SPICEY!

Have the best time and let us know what you wore via #ThisIsHowWeDoCovfefe and #LetsAskMaggie on Instagram and Twitter. 

with love,


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Let's Ask Maggie!: Fashionable or comfortable and confident?

Dear Maggie,

In general, my attitude toward my personal fashion is "I do what I want!" and I think I pull off most outfits (or at least I don't look like shit), but I don't think I'm very good at being trendy or classic or anything remotely stylish. So what is more important, in your opinion: being actually fashionable, or being comfortable and confident? Is my #winning attitude actually the accessory I'm counting on it to be? (*disclaimer: I spend a shitload of time in construction gear, but I don't count any of that as remotely fashionable).

Rachel  B., Chattanooga, TN

Hi, Rachel!

This is probably my favorite question that has ever been submitted to Let's Ask Maggie!. So #braggingrights on that! I feel you on the "I do what I want!" mantra. My family can tell you I came out of the womb with that attitude.

Let's break your fashionable vs. comfortable and confident question down one step further. I don't think it's an either or, I do however, believe that CONFIDENCE is the most important fashion element. So, your #winning attitude really is the accessory you hoped it would be! Congratulations! :)

For you, comfort makes you confident, for others it might be a 4" stiletto or a dusty pair of Wranglers. You can pull any look off as long as you feel good while you're wearing it. (Know your audience too. Don't show up to a black tie affair in a tank top and cutoffs because I said confidence is what's important.) 

When working with an individual client I have the client go through their closet and individually pull garments out to show me. I do this so that I can see their expression as they hold the piece. If their face looks like they just ate a handful of lemon Sour Patch Kids that item goes right into the give away bin. If that is how they felt holding it, how on earth did they feel wearing it?! 

I'll also let you in on a little secret: even stylists make mistakes. It doesn't happen to me often but I can tell you right now, if I put together an outfit, leave my apartment, and realize later in the day that I hate it, or it feels weird, or it's just not right for whatever reason, I will go home and change before I head to a meeting or an event. It is hard enough to walk into a room full of strangers without feeling like I look terrible on top of it. If I'm in something I feel my best in, by the end of the night everyone in that room will be my best friend. If I walk in wearing something I hate I'll just stand to the side the entire night bored. Clothes have more power to them than most of us realize. My greatest hope is that you have a closet full of clothes that only help you exude confidence and that you have the courage to rid yourself of the things that do not. 

In the meantime, continue to rock that construction gear!

How about you, readers? What is most important to you? Fashion? Comfort? Confidence? Give me the scoop in the comments below!

With love,


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Let's Ask Maggie!: How do you feel about seasonal layering?

Dear Maggie,

What do you think of styling summer dresses in spring and fall by layering underneath and over? Faux-pas or genius use of wardrobe? I'm trying to simplify my storage these days! Thanks for your awesome advice!

Bridget K., NYC

Dear Bridget,

Four words: GENIUS USE OF WARDROBE! (insert several hand clap emojis here). I love this, I do this, and I advocate for my clients to do this too. Since you live in NYC, you know how spring goes: one day it's 80 degrees in April and the next it's 50 degrees! It's hard to figure out what to wear when!

For a summery look on a chilly day, it's about a sweet jacket over a sleeveless dress or colorful tights under the mini-skirt and some booties. Mix it up and have some fun!

Just for you, I made a Spring/Summer Remix Pinterest board for inspiration! A few months ago I did a piece on rocking summer maxi-dresses in the fall--there are some pointers there you may find useful too.

My dearest, readers, what do you think about mixing and matching seasonal wear? Do you do it or are you one-season-at-a-timers? Sound off in the comments below!

With love,



Let's Ask Maggie!: I'm a bit of an addict...

Dear Maggie,

SO I have this thing where I love sunglasses. If I see a cool pair I buy them and rotate which pair I wear. I won't get into how many pairs I have here, but let's just say double digits. I know you are a wardrobe editor--and storage solutions may not be your thing--but do you have any tips on how I can showcase the sunglasses and save space in my tiny studio?

Addicted to Sunnies, Sunnyside, Queens

Dear Addicted,

Wow! I would LOVE to see your collection. A good pair of sunglasses are hard to find!

You are correct, I do help clients edit their wardrobes, so if you need me to help you sort out which pairs are keepers and which should be given away, I'm your gal! (It's that time of the year, reach out if you'd like a wardrobe edit or a personal shopping consultation in person or via SKYPE!)

DIY and storage solutions are not really my thing, HOWEVER, I have a clever friend who has a simple idea she uses for her many pairs of sunnies I thought I would share with you: she attached a sturdy piece of ribbon to the back of her closet door (using nails--you may know a better fastener) and hung a row, then repeated. See the photo below:

Photo courtesy of Christy Denton

Photo courtesy of Christy Denton

If using nails isn't your thing--too permanent--I've made a Pinterest board: Sunglasses Storage for your perusal. I have not used any of the systems, but they look nice!

Hope this helps!

Reader, do you have any stylish storage settings? Sound off in the comments below! In the meantime, send in your Let's Ask Maggie! questions in and follow @letsaskmaggie on twitter!

with love,


Let's Ask Maggie!: Seriously, how do you get deodorant stains out of your clothes?

Dear Maggie.

SOOOOOO glad you're back! I loved what you wrote last week and now I am dying to know: seriously, how DO you get deodorant stains out of your clothes? I have so many shirts that need help! Tell me your ways!

Susan, Woodstock, GA

Dear Susan,

Thank you! Thank you! I am GLAD to be back!

Once I tell you this little trick you are going to DIE it's so easy. I was taught this magical lesson in the Styling Tricks of the Trade: Pinning, Taping, and Clothing Care class at The Fashion Institute of Technology ("FIT") by the most fantastic Pattie Barbosa, professional wardrobe costumer, stylist, and star dresser.*

Here's the sitch**:

  1. Find a clean and empty spray bottle
  2. Fill bottle: 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water
  3. Shake
  4. Spray afflicted area (rub a little if caked on)
  5. Launder as usual!

THAT'S IT! Don't worry, it will only smell like vinegar right after spraying, once the item dries or is washed the smell will disappear.

Since December I've used this trick on my black bras, dresses, sweaters: it works wonders and is a super cheap cleaning product (This solution can double as a cleaner for your windows and mirrors instead of ammonia.) I now keep a ready bottle in my bathroom and spray garments after wearing them to keep the deodorant from building up.

BONUS TIP: I learned from Courtney Cox when she wrote a monthly article for JANE magazine back in the 1990's: if you have a white shirt with yellow pit stains, soak in white vinegar and water. Only soak for 30 minutes though because longer than that and what the solution pulled out will start to sink back in--yuck! Your pits should be much closer to white than they were 30 minutes prior. Wash and dry as normal.

To give you more ideas on better clothes care I made you a Pinterest board called...you guessed it! Clothes Care!

Sound off in the comments below if you have any tips (or some don'ts so we learn from your mistakes)!

With love,


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* I have taken numerous classes at FIT over the years and this is, by far my favorite class. TAKE IT if you have a chance, especially if you'd like to learn more about how to best care for your wardrobe (or the wardrobes of others if you're in charge of that sort of thing.)

** THE USE OF THESE TRICKS ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  Use discretion when trying. Test a patch first. Use wisdom. Maggie Duckworth and/or Maggie Duckworth Style and/or Let's Ask Maggie! are not liable for any damages caused by the use of these or any future/past tips. Thank you.

Let's Ask Maggie!: Where you at?!

Dear Maggie,

It's pretty obvious you've gone into hiding, otherwise you would have posted by now, right? Blink twice if we need to send in the rescue team. We know how to dress for the apocalypse, now what? Where you at?



Dear Everyone,

Hi! How are you? It's been a long time hasn't it?

I don't know about the rest of you, but the last few months have been hard. Too many downers to list. The announcement this weekend of the executive order on immigration felt like the last straw. I had been teetering on the edge but by Saturday evening I was done. I saw no purpose in writing, in styling, in fashion. I felt that anything I produced was trite compared to the countless families separated and displaced from their homes. People missing weddings and births of children and their jobs and the list goes on.... It's rough. Whether we have the same political or social views it doesn't matter: you feel it too. We are all human. We all have beating hearts. We all bleed the same color of blood. We are all hurting. Too much nastiness and self-righteousness--it's become an infectious disease--everyone trying to sway everyone to their side (guilty). Sane, beautiful, wonderful, intelliegent, gorgeous people are turning into verbal monsters. There's a lot of fear. A lot of hate. I am over it. 

Tonight I shared my thoughts on quitting with my beloved therapist. I said, "I know that amongst all of the insanity life must go on, I know that intellectually, but I'm having a really hard time. Honestly, who gives a shit about how to get rid of deodorant stains from the pits of their clothes when it feels like the world is falling apart?!" Her response, "People give a shit. They do. They want to know how to remove deodorant stains. Especially now. We've all started sweating more!" to which we both laughed in that "it's hilarious but true and sad way". 

So, if you give a shit, I promise to be back next week with the next installment of Let's Ask Maggie! In the meantime, send me those questions by clicking here. I miss hearing from you! 

I love you guys. Be easy with each other. I'll try harder too.

With love, 

Let's Ask Maggie!: What should I wear to the apocalypse?

 Dear Maggie,

What should I wear to the apocalypse? If the world ends, I want to look like I haven't just let myself go but also be practical, you know? Any fashion tips for hunkering down?

Natalie, Richmond, VA

Dear Natalie,

Earlier today I read someone's Facebook re-post which stated that the world was set to end before January 2017, you know, according to some really smart and reliable computer somewhere. Just in case the calculations were correct I had to respond to you ASAP. 

In my opinion there are two camps (thus two Pinterest boards): 1. look fab, die middle aged (my camp) or 2. I'm not going out easy camp. For camp 1 I'm thinking furs, diamonds, cigarettes, and champagne. Nothing practical because you're ready for it to be over with already--might as well look fab and die gorgeous. For camp two I'm thinking Hunter rain boots, tank, aviators, khaki fishing vest--but fashionable in that preppy way. Things you can survive in for a while off of the grid but also look damn good. 

What do you think dear readers? What would you wear if you knew the exact date that the world was going to end? 

With love,


PS The holidays are nearly here! Hit me up if you have any questions about how to dress for your event. I also have a few sessions left for bookings before New Year's if you'd like to hire me for a one-on-one session in person or via Skype. Holler at me!  (Yes, I did just write that. Yes, I am embarrassed for myself.)


Let's Ask Maggie!: Fashionable AND supportive flats?

 Dear Maggie,

Shoes confuse me. I dress casually, think long sweaters and tunics with leggings. In the winter, I often wear long boots. But in the summer and in between months, it's hard to know what to choose. I've had several hip surgeries so I have to stick with flats and I need arch support. Most flats are flimsy. But I don't want to look like I wear orthopedic shoes! Suggestions? Brands that you like?

Abby, Jersey City, New Jersey

Dear Abby,

It is hard to find a good pair of shoes that are supportive and don't look like your grandmother's shoe selection post bunion surgery but they DO exist!

Though I do not have the same medical problems as you (hope your hips have healed!) I do walk a lot in NYC and have found that if I do not have a pair of supportive flats I am in extreme pain by the end of the day--and they wear out really fast. (Twice I've worn out a pair of cheaper shoes within two weeks of purchasing them.) My go-to shoes this summer were a pair of Clark's black leather pointy-toed flats. They were classic and got me everywhere. Even my friend's kids could not resist trying them on they were so appealing! :) I wore a hole in the sole by September and my favorite shoe dude repaired them like new. I can still be spotted running down Broadway in them, Venti-black iced tea extra ice in-hand. 

Here is what I look for in a pair of flats:

  1. Style. I'm with you, Abby, I do not want to look like I'm wearing orthopedic shoes either.
  2. Sole. If the sole looks like it can take a beating, i.e. a little thicker than the usual flat, I am more likely to purchase. Especially if they are rated highly for arch support.
  3. Will I wear them next season? I try to only purchase items that I like enough to wear more than one season. I also buy things that are made well and I know can be repaired if worn a lot. (i.e. those Clark's flats).

Clark's is my personal go-to brand, but I wanted to offer more options, so after reading lots and lots of reviews on Nordstrom's site I put together a Pinterest board for you: Comfortable Flats. I chose the pairs that I thought were the loveliest and that had the highest rating for arch support and comfort. 

Dear Readers, what brands do you like? Did I miss any? Please share in the comments!

With love,


PS Send in those questions! Holidays are coming up, I'm sure you have 1000 questions you'd like answered, and I'm here to help!

PPS These opinions on Clark's and Nordstrom are my own. I am not being compensated to give them a shout out. 

Let's Ask Maggie!: I look 18 but I'm 30 - help!

Dear Maggie, 

I am blessed to look years younger than I am, and I promise I'm grateful. I'm also an artist, so I'm not terribly taken with corporate getup or investing in suits when I want to work for myself one day. But the consequence is that when I'm schmoozing at conferences and press events, I'm often treated as if I'm fresh out of college, rather than as the experienced, connected manager that I am. 

Can I update my wardrobe in cross-functional ways that will help me be taken seriously, without investing in a wardrobe I'll have to toss when I'm a full-time artist in a few years?


Charity, New York, NY

Dear Charity,

Congrats on EXCELLENT genes! I know being treated like an inexperienced newbie probably feels extremely irritating and dismissive. I absolutely believe that there are ways to update your wardrobe that you'll be able to use for years to come no matter your career. I also believe you can come across as that experienced kick-ass manager that you are without the antiquated power-suit of the last 4 decades. 

I would start investing in pieces that: 

  1. Fit Well. It's amazing how a well-tailored blouse, skirt, blazer, or slacks compliment your silhouette--no matter your size.

  2. Show a Bit of Individual Personality. Purchase pieces that when someone sees you in them they think, "THAT IS SO YOU!" Whether that be a vintage brooch that is paired with a velvet blazer or a hot-pink mini skirt. You know your personal style. OWN IT! (and if you don't know your personal style--allow yourself the freedom to experiment. It's fun!)

  3. Are of Interesting Color and Texture. Pair unusual things together. I am still in love with the furry leopard coats matched with a luxurious floral tapestry bodysuit--a look I mentioned in an earlier post. (I know this is an insane thing and if you wore that to a board meeting you would get some strange looks, but, it's currently my favorite example.)

  4. Classic Shoes and Handbags and a Trench Coat. Sometimes a classic pair of black heels, a sleek handbag, and basic trench add elevated elements to an otherwise casual look. With these simple accessories you can get away with so much--it's very easy to look "put together".

Or, you could simplify your life and do what I have done: wear all black clothing with statement jewelry and bold makeup. *YAWN* (I know).

I created a board for inspiration on Pinterest for you: Professional Looks for an Artist. Hope this helps!

Reader, what have I forgotten?! Let us know in the comments. 

With love,


PS Send in your wonderful questions! Reviewing them is my favorite part of the week. The next post could be inspired by you! (Talk about bragging rights! :) ) and don't forget to follow @letsaskmaggie on Twitter!


Let's Ask Maggie!: Maxi dresses for fall?

Dear Maggie,

What's up with the maxi dresses I'm seeing in the stores for fall? I thought maxi dresses were only for summer. 

Ms. Maxi
Sunnyside, Queens

Dear Ms. Maxi,

I FEEL THIS QUESTION and thought the exact same thing a couple of years ago when I saw the maxi dress begin to pop-up in fall fashion trends. For those of you who are wondering what a maxi-dress is, quick definition: it's a dress with a skirt that is the "maximum length". If you're like me (short) you could easily trip on the hem of the skirt it is so long. The dress, until about 2013, was primarily a summer staple. Slowly the fashionable set began incorporating the maxi into their year-round wardrobe, which, honestly makes sense. It's a long dress, so when fall comes, throw on some tights, boots and a jacket and call the outfit "apple-picking upstate approved". The dresses really are perfect transition pieces--especially if you live somewhere that the weather jumped from crisp fall to muggy summer in the middle of October (*ahem* NYC I am looking at you).

Have any of you, dear readers, been rocking the fall maxi? Or are you treating this dress like some treat the color white: not after Labor Day. Sound off in the comments. And for a little inspiration, check out the Fall Maxi Dress board I just made with you in mind on Pinterest. 

Keep those questions coming! Love each of them!

With love,


Let's Ask Maggie: How should I dress for an interview in the creative arts?

Dear Maggie,

Question: what do I wear for a job interview in the creative arts? A suit seems too formal, but I don't wanna blow an interview before I even start talking!

Sonja, Woodstock, NY

Dear Sonja,

These days it's nearly impossible to land an in-person interview so I'll do all I can to help you look the part before you start! 

On your behalf I contacted one of my nearest and dearest, Leah, a Creative Director based in Atlanta. Since she is often on the Interviewer side of the table she knows what she's talking about. (Plus, I've always had a severe style crush on her.) According to Leah, it's not necessary to wear the suit, but you should always do your best to look sharp.

3 tips from Leah to help decipher interview style:

  1. If you want the job, look like it. "If you're not putting effort into the initial impression you are going to make, it can appear you're likely not that interested in the position. It also makes me question the level of effort a potential candidate might put into the job."
  2. Your wardrobe has a voice. "A candidate's personal design aesthetic often comes through in their appearance. When someone has a strong creative point of view, you can usually see it in all aspects of the interview, including how they visually present themselves."
  3. Statement pieces FTW. "Don't be afraid to wear a big accessory, bright color or bold print. It may spark a conversation or help make you memorable to your interviewer." 

Thanks, Leah for your excellent pointers! Thank you dear readers for tuning in to the 6th(!) edition of Let's Ask Maggie! Don't forget to send in those questions and to follow me on twitter! @letsaskmaggie

With love,


Let's Ask Maggie!: New job. No time for fashion. Help?


Hi Maggie!

I'm writing because I just started a new job that has me up early in the day and exhausted (but happy!) when I come back at night. Sadly, I've found that I no longer have time to think through and put together outfits like I did in my unemployed days; in fact, fashion and presentation are pretty much the last thingson my mind when I'm trying to get out of the house in the morning. Is there any way around this? Or am I consigned to mediocre work outfits from now on?

Maria from Manhattan

Hi, Maria from Manhattan!

Congratulations on the new job! Those early mornings are the worst but YOU ARE NOT CONSIGNED TO MEDIOCRE OUTFITS FROM NOW ON! Promise. It will take a little pre-planning on your part, but with a few minutes of forethought at the beginning of the week, we'll have you back to fashion plate status in no time!

On Sunday afternoon (or whichever day you have off before the work week begins) I suggest you go through and pick out 5 work-friendly outfits from your wardrobe--everything--top, bottom, accessories, etc. and hang each complete outfit on a separate hanger. When you wake up the next work morning, you will have everything you need to quickly throw on your fashionable outfit, look hot, and crush the day at the office without wasting any precious time. For some inspiration, I created a Pinterest board earlier this month titled: Fall Fashion: Career Wardrobe Ideas for Women 2016 --check it out!

Good luck!

Readers, do you have any tips for Maria from Manhattan? Sound off in the comments below.

With love,


PS Don't forget to send in those Let's Ask Maggie! questions. You can tweet me too @letsaskmaggie

Let's Ask Maggie!: When editing my closet, WWMD?

Hi, Maggie!

I'm working on my closet and thinking: WWMD? [What would Maggie do?] I'm having a hard time letting go of my punk rock roots.

Lisa S., Chattanooga, TN

Photo credit: Lisa Sundheim

Photo credit: Lisa Sundheim

Dear Lisa,

I love that you included a photograph and I love even more that you were wondering what I would do! First: I WOULD HOLD ON TO THOSE PUNK ROCK ROOTS! Why not? I am sure that was a fun time in life and you never know when you will need a studded belt or two! The Met's costume institute did an entire show on punk fashion a few years ago so I am SURE Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton would back me up.

Here's the advice I give clients when we are going through their wardrobe: keep everything that you love (even if it's just for nostalgia sake)* and the pieces you feel good in. ALWAYS get rid of the things what weigh you down when you look at them or what does not feel like you when you wear it. I pay attention to expressions when clients show me items and if their face goes from a smile to a sour expression--there is no discussion: GET. RID. OF. IT! You can have 7 closets full of clothes and shoes as long as you adore each piece. A wardrobe full of things that make you happy and help you feel your best is a life changer. Imagine waking up tomorrow and knowing whatever you put on to leave the house---YOU WILL LOOK GREAT IN!

And...for the pieces that are harder to say goodbye to, I tell my clients that I am proud of them as we place the piece in the giveaway bag, and then I sing a bar from Boys II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" to them. (WARNING: the lyrics are applicable but the video makes me want to cry.)

Reader: when you are going through your clothes what do you ask yourself before getting rid of something? Let me know in the comments!


With love,


*Caveat: even if you love an item but it is worn out consider finding a replacement--I am talking about holes, fading, pit-stains, fabric pilling, etc.

Let's Ask Maggie!: If I'm wearing a denim jacket, what should I wear on the bottom?

Dear Maggie,

Question: if I'm wearing a denim jacket, what should I wear on the bottom? Blue jeans? Khakis? I read this chapter in Richard Foster's book about simplicity and how we should use old clothes instead of buying new ones. I thought I should really wear this denim jacket I had from like high school. But I never know what to wear it with. Or to.

Andrew, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Andrew,

Nice. I agree that you should try to wear that denim jacket from high school! It is perfect for this brink-of-fall weather. The premise of using old clothes instead of running out to buy new is something I try to help my clients do: shop their closets first (if possible) by dreaming up new ways to wear articles of clothing they already own. 

In my opinion, you can wear your jean jacket with anything but tuxedo pants. Well...there is one other exception: no blue denim on blue denim. For those fashionistas out there, I know the blue denim on blue denim look is on trend at the moment, but it is so hard to do well (because of the different washes and shades of blue) that I don't even know how to begin to tell you how to werk it.

To give you easy simple ideas I have created a Pinterest board: A Dudes Guide to Styling a Denim Jacket Fall 2016 just for you, reader!

Let me know in the comments how you're rocking the jean jacket this season and don't forget to send those questions to Let's Ask Maggie!.

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Let's Ask Maggie!: What can a real human wear to her job this fall?

Dear Maggie,

Congrats on your site! My question is: what are some on-trend fashiony things for fall 2016 that a real human can wear to her job? I.e., there's no way I can wear cute shorts with a flowy bell-sleeved top to the office. Also, I'm not 19 and I'm not trying to look like the 19 years I work with.

Christine F., North Carolina

Dear Christine,

Thank you for asking this question! I believe a lot of women are at home wondering the same thing and asking themselves, "What the heck am I going to wear to work this fall?"

Let's get down to what is on trend at the moment. When shopping look for clothing with the following fabrics:  velvet, lace, silks and satins; palettes: soft colors, bright colors (think electric blue and lime green), pink and yellow combinations continue to rule (as they have the past couple of seasons); patterns:  gray plaid, pinstripe suiting, animal prints; and last but not least, navy overcoats.

This season's silhouettes are leaning towards flared trousers (not quite bell-bottoms), boxy long over-coats, and classic tailored blouses and blazers. Your slim cut pants are still on point too.

For visuals I created two women's fall wardrobe Pinterest boards to serve as inspiration for you. The first board is full of lovely pieces that are wearable for all body types and budgets. The second is full of fun off-the-wall couture and ready to wear items that serve as art. I include these images, even though they aren't something most could wear to the office, because they might just spark something in your imagination to create an outfit that only you could put together! (Let me see those pics! #letsaskmaggiefall2016 on Instagram and twitter.)

Besides your fill of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, tell me in the comments what you're looking forward to most this fall!

Come back next week when I will tackle Men's Fall Fashion.

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Warning: on the couture board I got a little over zealous pinning the animal print: specifically the leopard print paired with floral. I freaking love it and want to wear all of it. My friends already know this is going to be a problem for me this season--I was accidentally put on the "Pre-intervention for Maggie and her leopard and floral print obsession meeting" email chain. Wish me luck! :)