Let's Ask Maggie!: Maxi dresses for fall?

Dear Maggie,

What's up with the maxi dresses I'm seeing in the stores for fall? I thought maxi dresses were only for summer. 

Ms. Maxi
Sunnyside, Queens

Dear Ms. Maxi,

I FEEL THIS QUESTION and thought the exact same thing a couple of years ago when I saw the maxi dress begin to pop-up in fall fashion trends. For those of you who are wondering what a maxi-dress is, quick definition: it's a dress with a skirt that is the "maximum length". If you're like me (short) you could easily trip on the hem of the skirt it is so long. The dress, until about 2013, was primarily a summer staple. Slowly the fashionable set began incorporating the maxi into their year-round wardrobe, which, honestly makes sense. It's a long dress, so when fall comes, throw on some tights, boots and a jacket and call the outfit "apple-picking upstate approved". The dresses really are perfect transition pieces--especially if you live somewhere that the weather jumped from crisp fall to muggy summer in the middle of October (*ahem* NYC I am looking at you).

Have any of you, dear readers, been rocking the fall maxi? Or are you treating this dress like some treat the color white: not after Labor Day. Sound off in the comments. And for a little inspiration, check out the Fall Maxi Dress board I just made with you in mind on Pinterest. 

Keep those questions coming! Love each of them!

With love,