Let's Ask Maggie: How should I dress for an interview in the creative arts?

Dear Maggie,

Question: what do I wear for a job interview in the creative arts? A suit seems too formal, but I don't wanna blow an interview before I even start talking!

Sonja, Woodstock, NY

Dear Sonja,

These days it's nearly impossible to land an in-person interview so I'll do all I can to help you look the part before you start! 

On your behalf I contacted one of my nearest and dearest, Leah, a Creative Director based in Atlanta. Since she is often on the Interviewer side of the table she knows what she's talking about. (Plus, I've always had a severe style crush on her.) According to Leah, it's not necessary to wear the suit, but you should always do your best to look sharp.

3 tips from Leah to help decipher interview style:

  1. If you want the job, look like it. "If you're not putting effort into the initial impression you are going to make, it can appear you're likely not that interested in the position. It also makes me question the level of effort a potential candidate might put into the job."
  2. Your wardrobe has a voice. "A candidate's personal design aesthetic often comes through in their appearance. When someone has a strong creative point of view, you can usually see it in all aspects of the interview, including how they visually present themselves."
  3. Statement pieces FTW. "Don't be afraid to wear a big accessory, bright color or bold print. It may spark a conversation or help make you memorable to your interviewer." 

Thanks, Leah for your excellent pointers! Thank you dear readers for tuning in to the 6th(!) edition of Let's Ask Maggie! Don't forget to send in those questions and to follow me on twitter! @letsaskmaggie

With love,