Let's Ask Maggie! Special Edition: Help! What do I wear to a Covfefe?!

Dear Maggie,

Earlier this week a little bird sent me the most coveted of all invitations: an invite to THE Covfefe. I've never been before--WHAT DO I WEAR?! 


Sheila, New York, NY

Dear Sheila,

CONGRATULATIONS! Trust me, a Covfefe invite is hotter than a bathroom full of smoking celebrities at The Met! 

I've done a bit of extensive research on the topic (not that I'm still awaiting my *ahem* invitation).

For this event of all events I see a floor length gown with lots of texture: velvets, furs, satins; with deep, royal colors: purples, blues. To give you a better idea I've made a Pinterest board for some inspiration. 

Has anyone else attended a Covfefe? What did you wear? Any tips you'd like to share? Sound off in the comments below!

Oh, and one more bit of advice: make sure to steer clear of all things SPICEY!

Have the best time and let us know what you wore via #ThisIsHowWeDoCovfefe and #LetsAskMaggie on Instagram and Twitter. 

with love,


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