Let's Ask Maggie!: The First Anniversary Edition Part Deux

Dear Maggie,

This question may not be fitting because it's hair, but I wanted to at least try... I recently turned 30 and for most of my 20's I had long (way longer than shoulder-length) hair. Now that I am 30, I am feeling that my hair is way too long for my age. What do you think? Is there an age when long hair starts to look immature? Any recommendations/strategies/best practices for long-haired 30+ aged people?

Congrats on Let's Ask Maggie's first anniversary! Hooray!

Jenna W., Nashville, TN

Dear Jenna,

Thank you for your well wishes and for your question! I will be honest: I don't think hair length and age matter. I feel like we all go through phases and maybe you're having an "I need a new look" phase, but I don't think long hair has an expiration date. To prove my point I've made a Pinterest board of women older than 30 winning the longhair game. 

It was funny, the day I read your email I was speaking with a dear friend about not feeling like an adult. My friend shared, "Now that I'm 38, I feel like I still dress like a child. I don't feel like an adult compared to other New Yorkers. You know--I think I need a new hairstyle. Nothing drastic but just a different cut. That'll make me feel better." So, you're not the only one on the prowl for a new look. I took the time to make a Pinterest board focused on the hairstyle trends for Autumn 2017 for some inspiration. Whatever you decide know that hair is just hair--if you choose a new look and hate it--your hair will grow back! Have some fun with your look! 

What do you, dear readers think? Is there a time where you felt like you need to cut your long locks for a polished bob? Let us know!

With love,