Let's Ask Maggie!: What can a real human wear to her job this fall?

Dear Maggie,

Congrats on your site! My question is: what are some on-trend fashiony things for fall 2016 that a real human can wear to her job? I.e., there's no way I can wear cute shorts with a flowy bell-sleeved top to the office. Also, I'm not 19 and I'm not trying to look like the 19 years I work with.

Christine F., North Carolina

Dear Christine,

Thank you for asking this question! I believe a lot of women are at home wondering the same thing and asking themselves, "What the heck am I going to wear to work this fall?"

Let's get down to what is on trend at the moment. When shopping look for clothing with the following fabrics:  velvet, lace, silks and satins; palettes: soft colors, bright colors (think electric blue and lime green), pink and yellow combinations continue to rule (as they have the past couple of seasons); patterns:  gray plaid, pinstripe suiting, animal prints; and last but not least, navy overcoats.

This season's silhouettes are leaning towards flared trousers (not quite bell-bottoms), boxy long over-coats, and classic tailored blouses and blazers. Your slim cut pants are still on point too.

For visuals I created two women's fall wardrobe Pinterest boards to serve as inspiration for you. The first board is full of lovely pieces that are wearable for all body types and budgets. The second is full of fun off-the-wall couture and ready to wear items that serve as art. I include these images, even though they aren't something most could wear to the office, because they might just spark something in your imagination to create an outfit that only you could put together! (Let me see those pics! #letsaskmaggiefall2016 on Instagram and twitter.)

Besides your fill of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, tell me in the comments what you're looking forward to most this fall!

Come back next week when I will tackle Men's Fall Fashion.

With love,

Warning: on the couture board I got a little over zealous pinning the animal print: specifically the leopard print paired with floral. I freaking love it and want to wear all of it. My friends already know this is going to be a problem for me this season--I was accidentally put on the "Pre-intervention for Maggie and her leopard and floral print obsession meeting" email chain. Wish me luck! :)