Let's Ask Maggie!: If I'm wearing a denim jacket, what should I wear on the bottom?

Dear Maggie,

Question: if I'm wearing a denim jacket, what should I wear on the bottom? Blue jeans? Khakis? I read this chapter in Richard Foster's book about simplicity and how we should use old clothes instead of buying new ones. I thought I should really wear this denim jacket I had from like high school. But I never know what to wear it with. Or to.

Andrew, Brooklyn, NY

Dear Andrew,

Nice. I agree that you should try to wear that denim jacket from high school! It is perfect for this brink-of-fall weather. The premise of using old clothes instead of running out to buy new is something I try to help my clients do: shop their closets first (if possible) by dreaming up new ways to wear articles of clothing they already own. 

In my opinion, you can wear your jean jacket with anything but tuxedo pants. Well...there is one other exception: no blue denim on blue denim. For those fashionistas out there, I know the blue denim on blue denim look is on trend at the moment, but it is so hard to do well (because of the different washes and shades of blue) that I don't even know how to begin to tell you how to werk it.

To give you easy simple ideas I have created a Pinterest board: A Dudes Guide to Styling a Denim Jacket Fall 2016 just for you, reader!

Let me know in the comments how you're rocking the jean jacket this season and don't forget to send those questions to Let's Ask Maggie!.

With love,