Let's Ask Maggie!: How do you feel about seasonal layering?

Dear Maggie,

What do you think of styling summer dresses in spring and fall by layering underneath and over? Faux-pas or genius use of wardrobe? I'm trying to simplify my storage these days! Thanks for your awesome advice!

Bridget K., NYC

Dear Bridget,

Four words: GENIUS USE OF WARDROBE! (insert several hand clap emojis here). I love this, I do this, and I advocate for my clients to do this too. Since you live in NYC, you know how spring goes: one day it's 80 degrees in April and the next it's 50 degrees! It's hard to figure out what to wear when!

For a summery look on a chilly day, it's about a sweet jacket over a sleeveless dress or colorful tights under the mini-skirt and some booties. Mix it up and have some fun!

Just for you, I made a Spring/Summer Remix Pinterest board for inspiration! A few months ago I did a piece on rocking summer maxi-dresses in the fall--there are some pointers there you may find useful too.

My dearest, readers, what do you think about mixing and matching seasonal wear? Do you do it or are you one-season-at-a-timers? Sound off in the comments below!

With love,