Let's Ask Maggie!: Penny Loafers, No Socks? WHY?!

Dear Maggie,

Shouldn't men wear f-ing socks? All these guys this summer are wearing skinny dress pants and penny loafers with no socks. Can this possibly be fashion? The man sitting next to me is wearing a pink shirt, navy khakis, a Cordovan belt that matches his Cordovan loafers AND NO SOCKS. He planned this outfit! What gives?

CW, Brooklyn, NY

Dear CW,

I like the passion in your question! The sockless penny loafer has been going strong at different fashionable points since at least the 1960's. Sounds like the man sitting next to you is CRUSHING this style. Personally, when I saw the trend coming round again,  I assumed it was a throwback to some dudes dad's coke fueled days in finance in the 80's. Since that assumption is 99% incorrect I did a little more digging. Penny loafers are traditionally a casual summer shoe. If worn during the day with khakis, like your example above, the shoes are worn without socks. If they were worn with socks it would be like wearing a pair of socks with Birkenstocks--not cool.

So, babe, I'm sorry to deliver the bad news: this is a classic, totally acceptable, fashionable men's trend that will probably last until the end of time. (I won't lie; I'm into it)

I also made a Pinterest board, titled: Men in Penny Loafers No Socks. The dudes are so handsome in these pins that I almost felt like I was creating a fetish board. So, readers, if that's your thing: you're welcome!

How do you guys feel about the no socks and penny loafers? Yay or Nay? Sound off in the comments below! And as always drop us a line or a tweet if you'd like for your fashion question to be answered!

With love,