Let's Ask Maggie!: When editing my closet, WWMD?

Hi, Maggie!

I'm working on my closet and thinking: WWMD? [What would Maggie do?] I'm having a hard time letting go of my punk rock roots.

Lisa S., Chattanooga, TN

Photo credit: Lisa Sundheim

Photo credit: Lisa Sundheim

Dear Lisa,

I love that you included a photograph and I love even more that you were wondering what I would do! First: I WOULD HOLD ON TO THOSE PUNK ROCK ROOTS! Why not? I am sure that was a fun time in life and you never know when you will need a studded belt or two! The Met's costume institute did an entire show on punk fashion a few years ago so I am SURE Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton would back me up.

Here's the advice I give clients when we are going through their wardrobe: keep everything that you love (even if it's just for nostalgia sake)* and the pieces you feel good in. ALWAYS get rid of the things what weigh you down when you look at them or what does not feel like you when you wear it. I pay attention to expressions when clients show me items and if their face goes from a smile to a sour expression--there is no discussion: GET. RID. OF. IT! You can have 7 closets full of clothes and shoes as long as you adore each piece. A wardrobe full of things that make you happy and help you feel your best is a life changer. Imagine waking up tomorrow and knowing whatever you put on to leave the house---YOU WILL LOOK GREAT IN!

And...for the pieces that are harder to say goodbye to, I tell my clients that I am proud of them as we place the piece in the giveaway bag, and then I sing a bar from Boys II Men's "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday" to them. (WARNING: the lyrics are applicable but the video makes me want to cry.)

Reader: when you are going through your clothes what do you ask yourself before getting rid of something? Let me know in the comments!


With love,


*Caveat: even if you love an item but it is worn out consider finding a replacement--I am talking about holes, fading, pit-stains, fabric pilling, etc.