Let's Ask Maggie!: I'm a bit of an addict...

Dear Maggie,

SO I have this thing where I love sunglasses. If I see a cool pair I buy them and rotate which pair I wear. I won't get into how many pairs I have here, but let's just say double digits. I know you are a wardrobe editor--and storage solutions may not be your thing--but do you have any tips on how I can showcase the sunglasses and save space in my tiny studio?

Addicted to Sunnies, Sunnyside, Queens

Dear Addicted,

Wow! I would LOVE to see your collection. A good pair of sunglasses are hard to find!

You are correct, I do help clients edit their wardrobes, so if you need me to help you sort out which pairs are keepers and which should be given away, I'm your gal! (It's that time of the year, reach out if you'd like a wardrobe edit or a personal shopping consultation in person or via SKYPE!)

DIY and storage solutions are not really my thing, HOWEVER, I have a clever friend who has a simple idea she uses for her many pairs of sunnies I thought I would share with you: she attached a sturdy piece of ribbon to the back of her closet door (using nails--you may know a better fastener) and hung a row, then repeated. See the photo below:

Photo courtesy of Christy Denton

Photo courtesy of Christy Denton

If using nails isn't your thing--too permanent--I've made a Pinterest board: Sunglasses Storage for your perusal. I have not used any of the systems, but they look nice!

Hope this helps!

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with love,