Let's Ask Maggie!: New job. No time for fashion. Help?


Hi Maggie!

I'm writing because I just started a new job that has me up early in the day and exhausted (but happy!) when I come back at night. Sadly, I've found that I no longer have time to think through and put together outfits like I did in my unemployed days; in fact, fashion and presentation are pretty much the last thingson my mind when I'm trying to get out of the house in the morning. Is there any way around this? Or am I consigned to mediocre work outfits from now on?

Maria from Manhattan

Hi, Maria from Manhattan!

Congratulations on the new job! Those early mornings are the worst but YOU ARE NOT CONSIGNED TO MEDIOCRE OUTFITS FROM NOW ON! Promise. It will take a little pre-planning on your part, but with a few minutes of forethought at the beginning of the week, we'll have you back to fashion plate status in no time!

On Sunday afternoon (or whichever day you have off before the work week begins) I suggest you go through and pick out 5 work-friendly outfits from your wardrobe--everything--top, bottom, accessories, etc. and hang each complete outfit on a separate hanger. When you wake up the next work morning, you will have everything you need to quickly throw on your fashionable outfit, look hot, and crush the day at the office without wasting any precious time. For some inspiration, I created a Pinterest board earlier this month titled: Fall Fashion: Career Wardrobe Ideas for Women 2016 --check it out!

Good luck!

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