Let's Ask Maggie!: Help! I Need A Last Minute Halloween Costume!

Dear Maggie,

Halloween snuck up on me this year--probably because the weather has been unseasonably warm--and I have zero ideas about what I want to be this year. Any easy, cheap ideas? What are you going as?

Susan, Manhattan

Dear Susan,

I feel your pain! Halloween came SO fast!  Over the weekend I gave myself the challenge of wearing the same jumpsuit for 7 days and styling it differently for each day--without realizing one of those 7 days would be Halloween. That limited my costume options so I'm going as a Cat Burglar. This year's costume consists of black jumpsuit, black and white horizontally striped shirt over jumpsuit, and a cat mask. All things came straight out of my closet and I look real cute.

As for what you should dress up as? The ideas are endless--according to Pinterest at least. I sussed out the best of the ideas in a board for you titled, "Last Minute Halloween Costumes". This board has suggestions for everyone--not just women. 

My dear readers let us know what you dress up as using #LetsAskMaggie on Instagram and Twitter. I would love to see what you guys are wearing! Or if you have any ideas for Susan you'd like to share sound off in the comments below!

And as always drop us a line or a tweet if you'd like for your fashion question to be answered!

Lots of love,


(You can follow the jumpsuit journey on instagram @maggieduckworthstyle)