Let's Ask Maggie!: What should I wear to the apocalypse?

 Dear Maggie,

What should I wear to the apocalypse? If the world ends, I want to look like I haven't just let myself go but also be practical, you know? Any fashion tips for hunkering down?

Natalie, Richmond, VA

Dear Natalie,

Earlier today I read someone's Facebook re-post which stated that the world was set to end before January 2017, you know, according to some really smart and reliable computer somewhere. Just in case the calculations were correct I had to respond to you ASAP. 

In my opinion there are two camps (thus two Pinterest boards): 1. look fab, die middle aged (my camp) or 2. I'm not going out easy camp. For camp 1 I'm thinking furs, diamonds, cigarettes, and champagne. Nothing practical because you're ready for it to be over with already--might as well look fab and die gorgeous. For camp two I'm thinking Hunter rain boots, tank, aviators, khaki fishing vest--but fashionable in that preppy way. Things you can survive in for a while off of the grid but also look damn good. 

What do you think dear readers? What would you wear if you knew the exact date that the world was going to end? 

With love,


PS The holidays are nearly here! Hit me up if you have any questions about how to dress for your event. I also have a few sessions left for bookings before New Year's if you'd like to hire me for a one-on-one session in person or via Skype. Holler at me!  (Yes, I did just write that. Yes, I am embarrassed for myself.)