Maggie Duckworth’s closet edit doesn’t just make space on your shelves: it changes your life.  Maggie is a combination of therapist, cheerleader, and best friend, always on your side, but not afraid to tell the truth.  In a few short hours, we culled seven garbage bags of clothes from my closet.  And her sharp eye and brilliant style sense also helped me repurpose several items I’d always loved, but never knew what to do with.  With her help, I felt like the weight of things I didn’t really want had been lifted from my shoulders — but also that she had peeled back the layers to help show me at my best.

Carey W., Brooklyn

photo courtesy of Stephanie Douglass

photo courtesy of Stephanie Douglass

Maggie gives great fashion advice. I've asked her advice on numerous small things, but she was a superstar (pun intended) when I was trying to figure out how to style a nebula dress for a cocktail party. She helped me find accessories to really glam it up. She's the best!

Steph D., Manhattan

Maggie is amazing! My closet is an embarrassing mix of 10+ year old clothes, mom-sweaters and a melange of outfits so plain they border on Amish. I wanted a more professional, updated look, but I hate shopping and had no idea where to start. Maggie began by taking a look at my favorite outfits. Rather than rolling her eyes at my fashion ignorance, Maggie made me feel great as she pointed out the strengths of my personal style and made suggestions for updates. As we shopped together, Maggie balanced gently nudging me to take some fashion risks with tailoring suggestions she knew I'd be comfortable with. Plus, she made me laugh constantly! Maggie is exactly the kind of person you want to help you with a fashion overhaul. She's extremely competent, refreshingly comedic and uniquely compassionate.

Abby J., Manhattan

My 50th High School Class Reunion was coming up.  The suggested dress was Business Casual.  I was very disappointed in this suggestion, as it was a very special occasion. I immediately contacted Maggie.  Within just a matter of minutes, she had e-mailed several suggestions to me.  I went with a dress, which turned out to be perfect for the reunion. How amazing.  She lives 884 miles away and was able to come up with the perfect solution. Thanks, Maggie.

Ann D., Woodstock, GA


One of the best things about working with Maggie is that a style session becomes a chance to learn more about my own style story: which words and feelings had always defined what I wore and which were holding me back from exploring new things.  Maggie put together items that I already had in ways that were daring, new, and tantalizing.  I could never have done this by myself, but Maggie helped me get there without a sweat - or spending a cent on on a new wardrobe!  I couldn't be more satisfied.  Thanks Maggie!!!

Maria B., New York, NY

This lady is talented. I'm speaking from personal experience today! I was so impressed. Maggie Duckworth where were you 10 years ago when I needed you???!!!! I'm hiring you again next time I move. You gave me both the utilitarian support and moral support to purge my unnecessary baggage literally and metaphorically through my "stuff" in my closets! 

Miha K., New York, NY